Monday, April 23, 2012

A Little Thought

Staying positive even when times are hard is difficult...but not impossible. Moving forward in positive action when it feels like the odds are stacking up against you is difficult...but not impossible. Waking up every morning determined to stay positive and move forward is a choice you can make and making that choice can put you on a better path one morning at a time. Be scared, be overwhelmed, be uncertain...but choose to smile and keep moving not just in spite of those things...but BECAUSE of them. Instead of thinking about all the bad things in your life and saying "why me?"....think about the possibilities for good things and start saying..."WHY THE HECK NOT ME????" and then take action to find out the answer to that question....once you find it...change it so that you don't have to ask that question at all anymore because it IS YOU!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Into Every Life...A Little Rain Must Fall

So, here I am...a lazy, rainy Sunday afternoon.  Normally I am a complainer about wet just gets in the way, in general.  The kids have to stay inside, you have to put on more stuff to be comfy outside, all those things you meant to do around the yard before it rains again are still undone and now everything has to dry out again before I can not get to it again.  For the most part annoying.  Today however, I am feeling a little different about it.  The last few weeks have been damn near perfect weather wise.  It has been amazing and fun and productive.  But, it has begun to feel slightly out of balance.  I found myself wondering yesterday if we were heading towards drought conditions this year or not.  I don't really pay much attention to things like that so for me to be thinking about it is a clear indication to the imbalance I am feeling.  So today we finally have some rain.  And that's a good thing.  Rainy days don't have to be an excuse for slowing things down, taking a breather, relaxing and watching a movie with the kiddos and shutting out the world but its about as close to a socially acceptable excuse for checking out of that non stop on the go several sunny day's in a row no excuse not to be anything but super productive, super mom, super awesome everything that after nearly 3 weeks in a row was getting to be a little ruff on that part of me that sometimes just wants to run screaming into the night away from it all.  So, enter Mr. Rainy day.  Thank you very very much for providing a much needed break from the high expectations of so many sunny days in a row.  I am very much enjoying lazing around, hanging with the kids and feeling like I don't have to do anything else unless I want to.  Looking out the window today and seeing the rain and the cloudy gray sky feels soothing and is somehow giving me the internal permission to just let go of all the have to's, should's and hope to accomplishes that plague me daily when there is no excuse what so ever not to go go maybe a rainy day is only this much of a deterrent to the usual busy busy busy kind of life I have managed to have build myself into...which I truly love most of the time...because I have decided that it is exactly what I need it to be.  All of the busy busy busy crud will still be there tomorrow and the next day and the next day and so on and so forth and it all still needs to be dealt with, the good and the not so good....but thanks to my rainy day off I can wake up with the sun the next time it decides to take over and go at it all with renewed vigor and determination.  I hear its supposed to rain again tomorrow and maybe even Tuesday...lets see, the kids will be back in school so that adds up to an extended vacation for me!!  I am quite certain however, that if it continues to rain through Wednesday I will get back to my usual complaining about the wet weather...cause, well, I 'm human and that's how we roll.  I sincerely hope that everyone finds a way to enjoy this rainy, dreary day...I suggest a hot chocolate and a nice early evening family dinner that includes green bean casserole if at all possible.  That's the good stuff.  Gonna go get ours started now.   

Friday, April 20, 2012

A Wee Bit Of Early Morning Poetry

I mourn the loss of aliens
I'd hoped would light my way
Back to the realm I thought I dreamed
Amongst puffy clouds one day

A sadness in my heart
Deep within my soul
Confusion and abandonment 
Still I had to grow

A search for self
And a reason why
Revealed to me one day

That all I AM 
is all I see
At last 
my love flows free

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let's just lay it out there and see where this goes....

I got to visit with an old friend who is dear to my heart today.  We have only known each other for a few years and most of our dealings together are business related.  Despite that, I have always felt a special connection with this person and my life always gets a lift when the two of us combine our energies in the same space despite the fact that I really can't stand the reason we are having to get together...odd, I know.  There are some folks we meet during each earth bound existence because it is simply our destiny to know each other in some capacity and I believe this person is one of them for me.  These souls can enter our current existence as actual relatives...children, parents, cousins...etc...or husbands and wives or life partners...or they can be that random sales person you just hit it off with and even though you never buy anything from them, they become your FB friend.  Or that therapist or that person in line at the grocery store you end up chatting with and then running into over and over again until the familiarity becomes acquaintance and eventually friend. Or that hair dresser you will always go too because you know you can tell her anything.  Everyone has these people in there lives and I believe that we are on a constant search for each other for the purpose of eventually getting everyone together and to the same level vibrationally to move on together from this earth bound college of hard knocks.  Lately, it seems that I have found myself gathering some sort of other worldly family about me and that I am being gifted this time around with an awareness of this occurring that I have not had in lives past.  Its as if, this time around, because of that awareness something different and amazing is going to happen.  Like maybe we are going to finally transcend to our higher selves and all these earth bound lives have been all of us just searching and learning and gathering the experiences we need to ascend to a better way of existing.  I don't think we do this alone.  I think we have ethereal groupings of energy, or "families" of a sort that we must go through this growth and transformation with.  This time around, I see a clear dividing line between those who are ready with me and those that I need to encourage and help gain that ascension because I am ready to move on but I'm not going without every last one of them.  It is time to move on though.  Its not about aliens or the world ending or a rapture of sorts.  Its about making a choice to live in true humanity.  To say no to the low vibrations that we have allowed to influence our existence for far too long now and start living in light and love and teaching others how to do that.  Its about raising the next generations in a way that allows them to remain open and connected to the gifts of knowledge and love and light that every human is born with and that slowly and sadly dissipates during the early years as children get older and society tells them that in order to function here, to fit in, to be considered "normal" and not be outcast in some way, that they must set aside such childish and silly things as rainbows, and magic and castles in the sky and imaginary friends.  Yes, life must be lived and we are physically bound to live it here on this beautiful gift of a planet that provides us with everything we need to thrive as the physical beings we are meant to be.  We must start raising our children to love the earth, to love their fellow humans and put an end to the anger and strife caused by so many people living in fear and a sense of disgruntled exhaustion because deep inside they know there is something very very wrong here.  The world and the inhabitants of it are not even touching on the kind of utopic existence we are capable of.  Its time for a vibrational shift for human kind.  Its time to move on to our true capabilities and stop allowing negative circumstance to rule our lives.  I have lost a child, I have people in my life that I love and care about very much who are not well, I have a mortgage that is way too high and way too many other bills that add up to way more then we are able to bring in right now, I have five children who all come with their own unique physical and emotional life palate with which to paint their world, I have been over 300 pounds the majority of my life until recently, I am diabetic, I've been divorced twice, my credit sucks, things upset me, I am a real human being experiencing something wonderful and amazing that is all wrapped up in an awakening that although is difficult to explain, is very real and something that I know deep down I must figure out a way to help others to do.  Everyone has their path to follow, everyone has a time in there spiritual life line when they are going to be given the opportunity to rise above the much we have allowed our existence to marred in the material, earthbound things...the more who are willing to rise above it all and the higher they strive to go, the more positive energy abounds to combat the negative manifestations of the steadfast doomsayers.  We are capable of so much more.  Our struggle to bare here in this earthly form is the very flesh and blood human form we must take to be here.  As material beings, we attract material things which creates a need for more material things which becomes a viscous cycle that has all but destroyed our ability to be ethereal.  We must break the chains that bind.  We must strive to connect with our higher selves, our spiritual selves, the other 90% of our brain we still don't use, the universal energy, God, the Collective,the pladiens...what ever that thing is for each individual, it doesn't mater as long as it is that thing that you know is bigger then just yourself.  Or even just yourself living at a higher more spiritual vibration.  All religions can have this, accept this and still believe what they believe.  Not being willing to at least entertain the possibility is fear, anger and a negative charge so thoroughly imbedded in our flesh and blood earthbound existence that some people just literally can not conceive of having the power within to choose to let this growth and enlightenment be their realty.  These things do not mean we must suffer.  That sacrifice is required, tht misery must abound.  It is possible for it to all be just good.  It starts with a recognition that given what we have to work with...amazing machines for bodies, an amazing planet, amazing minds that we are just barely using still at this point in our evolution and our capacity for powerful emotion..for the love we are capable of having for our children and for others in our lives....then from the willingness recognize the discrepancy between how we could be existing and how we do as something of our own doing and start making moves to change that with an open mind and a willingness to learn...even when what is being taught sounds hokey or weirdo even down right nuts as I am certain all of this does to many people who are reading this now.  I am open to discussion...I am not laying down law...I could be completely wrong.  But even if I am...still, the only excuse not to strive to be the whole human we are capable of is a choice simply not to.  Nothing else.